My home studio is awesome.  I spend countless hours in this room writing and drawing.  Most days I walk into this room around 5am.  


My wife got me the drafting table as a gift a couple years ago when we bought our home.  It is big and durable and I love it.  This room is an old converted garage, so it has concrete floors, giving it a kind of industrial feel.  On the right of my desk is my art supply rack. 


It is full of inks, bottle caps that I use to hold ink, all kinds of brushes and pens, circle templates, triangles, and a whole bunch of other stuff.   On the left hand side of my desk is a bookshelf full of some of my favorite graphic novels. 


I won't go into detail here, I will do some other posts about what I have on my shelf,   but I love having my favorite stuff easily accessible so that I can get inspiration whenever I need it. On the other side of the room is my wife's plant collection,  her painting easel, and my Epson 11X17 Printer/Scanner. 


On the wall behind it I have some of my favorite single comic issues ,  also easily accessible for inspiration.  next to that is an original comic page from Image Comics Deadly Duo #2.  This page has been on my wall since I was 12 years old.   Also on the wall is a cool beer coaster collage my sister in law made me for Christmas one year.   I really like all the different graphics and logos on each one.  

And that is my studio!